Bullhorn user SSO login administration

Add and remove user access to 3DIQ using their Bullhorn credentials

3DIQ administrators now have access to add and remove user logins.  Your users no longer need a separate email/password combination and will use their Bullhorn credentials to access 3DIQ.

Access the administrator settings

Click the gear icon in the upper right then select Organization Settings.

Click the Users tab to view a list of your Bullhorn users. Search or Filter to locate the user or users you would like to provide 3DIQ access to.  To give a user access to 3DIQ toggle on access in the 'Enabled' column.  To remove access toggle the user's access off.  

For clients with multiple brands, you can set a default brand for each user by selecting it from the 'Skills Brand' (for Skill Marketing) or 'Submission Brand' (for standard 3DIQ) column.  By doing this, each time the user sends a resume link to their client, that brand will appear on the profile viewed by your client.