Client Contacts associated with multiple Companies

Your client contacts can view jobs in ClientConnect when associated with more than one company record

If you have a client that is associated with more than one company they can view the jobs in ClientConnect for each company separately.

Access each company in ClientConnect and toggle on the level of access for each contact you want to provide a login. Then click Send Login Link.

If your client has never logged into ClientConnect before they will receive the standard emails to validate their account and set up a password. If they have already validated one account you only need to toggle on access to the new company and will not need to send a login link.

When they log in they will see all the accounts for which their access has been granted.

Once your client clicks into the company they will see the standard job list where they can review submitted candidates.


In order to switch to another company, your client will need to log out, then re-login and select a different company.