Creating and Managing Client Logins

You can create unique, password protected, client portals for any Company record in Bullhorn

You can create unique, password-protected, client portals for any Company record in Bullhorn.

How to create a Client Portal

  • Navigate to the company record in Bullhorn

  • Click on the ClientConnect Tab

3DIQ will display a list of all Client Contacts associated with the company.


In order to enable access, toggle the "Enable Access" button then click the Send Login Link button. This will send your client an automated email that includes a link to log in where they will verify their email address and create a password.

*Please note, your client must have a valid email address in order to use Client Portal.

Disabling Client Access

You can prevent your client from accessing the portal at any time by using the Enable Access toggle button. Simply toggle off the access for the user and they will no longer be able to log in to Client Connect.

Client Portal Statuses

The Status column can help you understand which Client Contacts have portal access. These statuses include:

No Login - Login for contact hasn’t been sent

Login Sent - Login email sent, but the user has not created an account

Login Verified - The client has verified/created their account

Login Disabled - User no longer has access to Client Portal

There are two levels of client access within the Client Portal.

Client Connect Access - Can only view jobs for which they’re listed as Client Contact in Bullhorn

View All Jobs Access - Can view all jobs for the company