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Display Original Resume

Display original resume allows you to embed resumes directly into candidate profile links

If you prepare your candidate resume before parsing it into Bullhorn you have the option to display that original resume in the candidate profile. This option allows you to keep the formatting and visual elements that parsing may have a difficult time with.

A 3DIQ Admin user can set the default (for all resumes) in the organization settings or you can toggle the option on to display the original parsed resume for each candidate. There are two places where the Display Original Resume option is found. One is under the ... menu next to the candidate's name.


The second is at the top of the Candidate Profile section next to the Edit Candidate button. If the Display Original Resume is "on" at the organization level, you also have the option to parse the resume if you choose not to display the original version.


When you view the candidate's resume using Display Original Resume, you'll see an embedded version of the resume displayed in its native form. 3DIQ will automatically detect the file type and display the resume using either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF Viewer. This provides the best viewing experience and doesn't require your client to download any additional programs to view.

Please note that using "Display Original Resume" does not allow you to edit the resume document, so please make any edits before adding the resume to the candidate's Files tab in Bullhorn.