Download PDF Version

3DIQ allows you to offer your client a PDF version of each resume

While 3DIQ resume links offer a number of advantages over traditional file attachments, your clients may still want to download, save or print a resume.

The "Download PDF Version" button on each resume link allows your client to generate a branded PDF version of each resume.

Each PDF resume download will contain many of the features on the resume link itself including:

  • Branding (your logo) at the top of the resume

  • Recruiter Notes

  • Skills and Certifications

  • Contact Information

  • Candidate Resume

3DIQ users may also download a copy of the PDF version by clicking the ... menu and selecting Download PDF.


If you do not want your clients to be able to download a PDF version of the resume, click the ... menu next to the candidate name and select Candidate Settings. Toggle off the "Enable PDF Downloads" setting.