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Link Security

Protect your candidate resume links by adding resume access codes

3DIQ allows you to require clients to enter an access code before viewing a candidate's resume link.

3DIQ admins can activate link security by accessing their Organization Settings and clicking the Security tab.

From the Public Resume Security dropdown menu, select "Require access code or active Client Connect session to view Resumes.

This will allow you to set a default access code for your organization. Once set, this access code will be instantly applied to ALL resume links for your account.

Please don't forget to share the access code with your clients!

Now, when someone clicks on a resume link, they'll be asked to enter the access code each time before viewing a resume.


You can create custom access codes for each job within 3DIQ. By default, each job will inherit the default organization access code. To change or update, click the ... menu and select Edit Job.

Within these settings, you can change the access code, or remove restrictions entirely.

Using Link Security with ClientConnect

Client Contacts who have an active (verified) ClientConnect login will automatically bypass the access code screen. In other words, their ClientConnect login will serve as their resume access code.

In cases where the client forwards a resume link to someone else in their organization, that person will need to know the password or be given their own ClientConnect login to be able to view resume links.