Managing 3DIQ Users

Managing 3DIQ Users User types available for 3DIQ

3DIQ has two different user types available to organizations.

Regular User - Full access to the 3DIQ platform. Can view all candidates and jobs.

Admin User - Similar to a regular user, but with access to the Organization Settings menu accessible at Organization Settings allows the Admin user to edit organization settings and add or update company logos and branding.

Bullhorn Users - In order to use 3DIQ for Bullhorn, 3DIQ users must be tied to a corresponding Bullhorn user profile. 3DIQ DOES NOT require each Bullhorn user to have a 3DIQ license. However, any users who prepare or submit candidate profiles to clients should have an account within 3DIQ.

Click here for more information on user type settings within 3DIQ for Bullhorn: User Type Settings in Bullhorn