Managing Jobs in Client Connect

There are several factors that determine which jobs a client can see

Which Jobs Will Client Contacts See?

1) Job must be created in 3DIQ.

In order for clients to be able to view a job, it must first be created in 3DIQ. Jobs are created in 3DIQ, by clicking the 3DIQ tab within the Job Record in Bullhorn.

2) Job must have a Client Contact

All jobs must include a Client Contact listed in the "Contact" field within the job. It's also important to remember that the Client Contact must have a valid email address. This allows 3DIQ to issue automatic registration emails.

3) Job must have an externally submitted candidate

Jobs will not show up in Client Connect until a candidate has been submitted using the "Email and Log Submission" button in 3DIQ. Users may also manually push candidates, regardless of their status, into Client Connect by toggling the Hide/Show" button in the candidate's profile.


Users may show or hide multiple candidates by selecting desired candidates and clicking either "Show in Client Connect" or "Hide in Client Connect".


Candidates that are currently displayed in Client Connect will show "Shown in CC" in the Client Connect Column.


Hide Job in Portal

Users may hide a job (including removing all submitted candidates) in Client Connect by clicking the ... menu and selecting Hide Job in Client Connect

To display the job in Client Connect, click the ... menu and select Show Job in Client Connect.

Close Job in Portal

Closed Jobs will be hidden but remain accessible in Client Connect. This option is ideal when you want clients to be able to view and access previous jobs or candidates. Click the ... menu and Select Close Job.


Clients may view closed jobs by clicking "View Closed Jobs" within Client Connect.


All jobs which have been created within 3DIQ will automatically display in the client portal. Users can manually toggle jobs on/off the portal. The job will not display in the client portal until the job has at least one client-submitted candidate. Both company and client must be listed under the job for it to show up in the portal.