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Add Skills to your Candidate Profile

Manage skills on candidate profiles

Skills are a great way to highlight key competencies on your candidate profiles. Many hiring managers will review these sections first, before viewing the candidate's resume. Because of this, it's important that Skills accurately reflect your candidate's experience.

If your default template currently uses the "Skills" field within the Bullhorn candidate profile, 3DIQ will merge these tags into 3DIQ Skills. Additionally, if you choose to parse the resume, Skills are added automatically to candidate profiles in 3DIQ during this process.

3DIQ gives you the ability to add, delete and create custom skills. To view skills click the Edit Candidate button in the Candidate Profile or click the ... menu beside the candidate name and select Edit Candidate.


Adding Tags

To add Skills, click in the "Search for skill" box. If the skill is already added to the skills database, click the skill name to add it to the list of displayed skills.


If the skill or certification is not available, you'll see a message that says "No entry found for 'skill you have searched' +Add Tag". Simply, click "Add Tag" to create your custom tag.

Now click the bolded tag 'skill' which will save it for future use.


Deleting Tags

To delete a tag, simply click the "x" next to the skill you want to remove.

To remove all tags at once, click the 'x' on the right side of the skills field.