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Submitting candidates to your Account Manager

Submit a candidate profile to your Account Manager for review and submission to the client

Some organizations utilize a split desk model where a recruiter first submits the candidate profile to an Account Manager for review prior to client submission. In this situation, you will want to utilize the Email Account Manager button to alert the Account Manager of your submission.

After your select the resume file you would like to submit, you will edit your candidate profile as normal. You have the option to include Internal Notes that only the Account Manager will see.

Once you have completed preparing the candidate profile, you will click the Email Account Manager button to generate the email to the Account Manager for review.

The email will always be sent to the user listed under the "Account Manager" or "Owner" field in Bullhorn.


The Account Manager will then review the candidate profile and can generate the submission email to the client. The email includes the Candidate Name and Job, Recruiter and Client company name, the recruiter notes as well as the Internal Notes that only the Account Manager will see. From here the Account Manager can view the candidate or edit the candidate's details prior to sending the applicant to the client.