Updating Resume Contact Information

Update or change user contact information displayed on 3DIQ resume links. 

You can update or change user contact information displayed on 3DIQ resume links. By default, 3DIQ resumes display contact information for the Job Owner in Bullhorn.

However, 3DIQ can also display the Job Recruiter or Candidate Recruiter's contact information.

Click here for more User Type Settings in Bullhorn

Updating Contact Information

Minimum contact information on 3DIQ resume links includes the user's name and email address. Bullhorn users have the option of including additional information including address and phone number. This information is pulled directly from the user's Bullhorn profile and can be updated or changed by a Bullhorn Admin user.

Changing Displayed Contact Information

To change the type of user to display on resume links visit http://app.3diq.com and click on "Organization Settings. Or, contact support@3diq.com.

For more information on updating or refreshing information in 3DIQ, click here: https://knowledge.3diq.com/refreshing-or-updating-resume-profiles-and-jobs