Why Links are Better than File Attachments

Did you know, Email attachments are the most common delivery vehicle for viruses?

Better delivery

Did you know, Email attachments are the most common delivery vehicle for viruses? Because of this, many email providers mark emails with attachments as spam. This can cause traditional submission emails with attached resumes to miss your hiring manager's inbox.

3DIQ submission emails are created to avoid spam folders and end up in your client's inbox. Submission emails are sent using your own email system and domain (not a 3rd party). Submission emails use simple plain text formatting. Resume links use full-length URLs (not shortened links) and are not embedded in the text.

Many email providers also have file size restrictions. This can mean larger resume files can't be attached and sent via email.

Nothing to download

When your clients click on 3DIQ resume links, there's nothing to download. This makes for a cleaner and less cluttered resume experience and fosters mobile viewing.

Mobile Friendly

3DIQ resume links feature a responsive mobile design. Hiring managers can view resumes anywhere, any time, and on any device.

Interaction Encouraged

Resume links allow clients to view and give feedback on resumes instantly. Links also allow for better tracking and allow 3DIQ to deliver real-time view and feedback notifications to users.

Better Data Protection

Data regulation laws, such as CCPA in California, are becoming increasingly common in the United States. These laws are already common in Europe and impose restrictions on holding and sharing personal information. Oftentimes, resumes contain personal information (names, education, work histories, etc.). In the future, it's very likely that more states will place restrictions on resume sharing. For this reason, 3DIQ has a robust suite of resume protection tools including automatic link expiration and client portal features.