Working with Tearsheets (Hotlists) in 3DIQ

Create Tearsheets in Bullhorn to manage candidates and contacts. Use them to send lists of candidates to your clients.

By using tearsheets (hotlists) in Bullhorn you will maintain lists of available candidates that can be emailed to your clients to market their talent. Add and remove candidates and contacts to the tearsheet in Bullhorn and those changes are reflected the next time you click the "Work with Tearsheets" button on a candidate profile record. 

Locate the tearsheet you would like to use to send out your candidate profiles.  You will be able to see the number of candidates and client contacts associated with the tearsheet. Make the necessary updates to your tearsheet by adding or removing candidates and contacts.  

Click into any candidate record in order to access the 3DIQ tab.  Click the 'Work With Tearsheets' button to see a list of all available tearsheets. 

Locate the tearsheet that you wish to send out to your contacts.  You will notice that the number of contacts and candidates will match between the Bullhorn list and 3DIQ. 

As you add and remove candidates and contacts in Bullhorn access 3DIQ via a candidate record.  Click the 'Work With Tearsheets' button and your tearsheet will refresh automatically and show the changes.  

**Tip** If you add additional contacts remember to send the tearsheet link to them using the 'Share' button associated with the tearsheet.